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"Guess we're all a little fragile" (6/8)

Author: Time Phobia
Rating: PG
Characters: (this section: Ianto, Owen, and OC)
Pairings:  (series: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/OC, Owen/OC mentioned: Tosh/Mary, Owen/Gwen)
Summary: Owen and Ianto chat.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or make a profit


            Owen woke to a noise from his kitchen. Cindy, lovely bird, was still passed out on the bed beside him. For a moment, he thought that he’d made the noise up, but he heard it again. Before Torchwood, he would have told himself he was still making it up, or figured out the rational explanation. But in his current state, barely awake and hungover, he hurried out of bed, into his jeans—though he didn’t bother closing them up—and he grabbed his gun from the bedside drawer. Having a second thought, he did bother fastening the jeans before opening the door to his bedroom, gun at the ready.

            Someone was swearing in his kitchen. His training didn’t need his brain to be fully awake to work. He stalked into the kitchen and immediately pointed the gun at the trespasser.

            Ianto, who had been cleaning something off the floor, froze and looked up at him.

            Sighing, Owen tucked the gun into the back of his jeans. “What’re you still doing here?” he asked. He didn’t really care that he sounded grumpy. Ianto was still searching for an explanation as Owen noticed the clean state of his apartment and smelled the brewing coffee. “Did you clean?” He pulled a mug out of a cabinet, but noticed that Ianto had already set three out, so he put it back.

            “Yes,” Ianto admitted. “About the only thing I haven’t done is run the vacuum.”

            “And so I go to my first question,” Owen said as he poured the coffee. “What’re you still doing here?”

            “I was hoping we might talk.”

            “If it’s about my cleaning habits, piss off,” Owen grumbled. “And if it’s about anything else, you can at least wait until I’ve woken up.”

            Ianto looked a little crestfallen.

            Fuck’s sake. “Sorry,” Owen muttered. “You know I’m shit in the mornings.”

            Ianto nodded.

            Cindy made an appearance at this point. She’d dressed, though she was obviously going to be doing the walk of shame. “Hey,” she said when both men had turned towards her. “Just thought I’d slip out. Had a great night.” She came into the kitchen and kissed Owen on the cheek. “You’ve got my number. Bye.”

            “Bye,” Owen managed before Cindy got out the door. He finished making his coffee and then went to the fridge to see what he wanted to make for breakfast. Stop staring at me. “You threw things out.”

            “They were growing mold.”

            “Maybe I like mold.”

            “Sorry,” Ianto muttered.

            Owen shrugged and shut the door. “Naw. I needed to toss some of that shit out.” He grabbed his coffee mug again and watched as Ianto put the third mug away. Finally he saw the dark hickey on Ianto’s neck. “Looks like someone had fun last night.”

            Ianto paled. “We didn’t do anything.”

            “Wouldn’t care if you had,” Owen said. Because he’s probably lying.

            “We didn’t.”

            “Okay.” Owen started drinking his coffee. At least I have this. “So what did you want to talk about?”

            Ianto was at a loss for words. Spit it out already! Owen wiped the sleep out of his eyes a little more. “I think I might be bisexual.”

            “Sorta figured that out last night, didn’t we?” Owen said, unamused.

            “I’ve been sleeping with Jack.”

            Owen blinked a few times. “That,” he drawled, “I didn’t need to know.”

            Something was still bugging Ianto. God I hope he doesn’t go emotional on me. But it’s me or one of the girls and Gwen’s bound to give shit advice in concerns with men, especially that man. And Tosh’ll be no better. Owen finished his mug and set it down. “Told you I was shit in the morning,” he said. “Let me shower. We’ll get food. Talk about whatever it is you need to.”

            “We don’t--” Ianto began.

            Retreating, are we? “Ten minutes!” Owen replied as he left for the shower.

            As promised, Owen only took ten minutes in getting ready, though he had neglected to shave for the time being. Feeling a little more awake, Owen came back out into his living room. The coffee had been cleaned up. Ianto was looking a little more hopeful. Honestly, I’m surprised he decided to stick around. “There’s this little café nearby,” Owen explained as he grabbed his jacket. “Thought we’d eat and talk there. Unless you mind talking in a public place. Not like anyone will care this early in the morning.” Glancing at his watch, Owen groaned. “We’ll probably be the only ones there.”

            “It’s fine,” Ianto said.

            Might be lying again, but let’s try to hold him to it. Leading the way, Owen left his apartment, then locked the door once Ianto was out, and then walked to the café. Ianto easily kept up with him, but Owen decided to not walk that quickly this morning. The effects of his hangover weren’t over yet.

            The café was a small place with a few tables and it smelled wonderful this morning. Alice, the middle-age waitress who seemed to live there, greeted Owen near the door. “It’s been a while,” Hannah said with a twinkle in her eye. “Have you actually started behaving yourself Owen Harper?”

            “Not in the slightest,” Owen replied. “Two plates of the usual, please.”

            Alice laughed. “You’re remembering ‘please’ this morning?” she joked. “I’ll get it for you. Two cups of coffee too?”

            Owen nodded. Alice went off to the kitchen and Owen and Ianto went to a small table near the windows.

            As Owen had predicted, they were almost the only ones in the place, only an old man sitting near the kitchen occupied the place besides them and the staff.

            “What was it you needed to talk about?” Owen asked.

            Ianto glanced around nervously.

            I’m not going to sit here and play nursemaid mate. “You’re fine here, honest,” Owen said. He’d tried not to growl, but the slightest unhappy note had made it into his voice.

            “I’m sorry,” Ianto started, “this was a mistake. I’ll just--” He had begun rising from his seat as well.

            Owen reached out and grabbed his wrist. Looking Ianto square in the eye, he snapped, “You woke me up this morning. You wanted to talk.” He relaxed just a little and added, “And if not me and now, when the hell are you going to?”

            Becoming absolutely miserable in his demeanor, Ianto sat down.

            Alice came by with the coffees and, noticing the atmosphere between the two, opened her mouth to ask if everything was all right. Owen cut her off by smiling broadly at her and taking up the coffee cup. He winked. Alice nodded and walked away.

            Okay, so Owen had used this place for more than one delicate conversation. He and Alice had actually started developing a silent code.

            Thankfully Ianto hadn’t seen any of the actions. He closed his hands around the coffee mug and stared into its depths as if he could find meaning there.

            Suppose if anyone could. Sensing that Ianto was having a hard time starting the conversation, Owen decided to jumpstart it. “So,” he said slowly, “you’re sleeping with Jack? You’re not dating?”

            “Does the difference matter?” Ianto asked a little sharply.

            “Not to me,” Owen replied.

            Ianto sighed and admitted, “We’re not dating.”

            “Taking him to your place?”


            Owen made a face. “All over the Hub then? Please tell me you’re cleaning up after.”

            That actually got a small grin out of Ianto. “Yes. I do.”

            “All right, then no problem there.” One heartbeat went by. Then two. Jesus Christ, don’t make me do all the work here! But Ianto didn’t look sure of what to say again. Owen sipped his coffee and then continued, “How’d it start?”

            “We’d been flirting since before I joined Torchwood--”

            “That was painfully obvious,” Owen interjected.

            Ianto flushed a little and went on, “Anyway. The first time was after we came back from the country. And after all the shit the last six months, it just felt good to be with someone where it was just physical.”

            Being in a similar situation with Gwen, Owen understood. “Where’s the problem come in?”

            Ianto went back to staring at the coffee.

            “He’s your first guy,” Owen realized.

            Ianto nodded once.

            “And Tosh picked that up with her nifty little toy,” Owen added. She really didn’t have the right doing that to us. How many secrets did she learn?

            “Yes.” Ianto thumbed the edge of his coffee cup. “Jack and I argued about the team finding out.”

             “You know it’s just Gwen that doesn’t know now.”

            “I’m aware,” Ianto said slowly. He sighed and frowned.

            “Look,” Owen said, dropping the volume of his voice a little, “I don’t give a shit who you go to bed with.” Wait a second… “Unless he or she tries to kill me or the team and you’re aiding them.”

            Ianto winced.

            “I’m not holding a grudge about Lisa,” Owen said quickly. “I would have done the same as you. ‘Cept I probably would have gotten caught at it a lot sooner. Or been killed. I was referring to Tosh and Mary.”

            Ianto nodded and stayed silent.

            Alice brought their food and Owen grinned up at her. She looked a little more relieved when she walked away this time. Wonder what she’d think if I died. She probably wouldn’t ever know the truth. Just think I’d moved away or something.

            After Alice left, Ianto admitted, “I thought Jack was a fluke.”

            Owen just started shoveling food into his mouth as he listened. Hey, I’ve been doing great these last few minutes. And I’m starving.

            “I didn’t think I was into men,” Ianto said.

            “How couldn’t you know?” Owen asked between bites.

            “I guess I knew,” Ianto replied. “I’d have these stray thoughts every once in a while. I just didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t think it meant anything.”

            “Obviously it did,” Owen told him.


            Owen kept eating, but Ianto was only playing with his food. Eventually, Ianto said, “Do you want to know the worse thing?” Not really. “I’m going to have to apologize to him.”

            “Well,” Owen mused, “I don’t think he’s going to stay mad at you.”

            “He still hounds me about Lisa whenever he’s upset.”

            “Sort of a major betrayal to him,” Owen replied. “Can’t you see that? You brought something into the Hub that could have destroyed the world after he had to convince himself to trust you in the first place. And then he’s developing this crush for you and when you need help the most, you don’t go to him for help. Jack always loves a good rescue and hates it when it’s denied to him. On top of all that, you call him a monster in the middle of the whole mess. He’s not going to get over that for a long while. This argument? Probably a pretty quick recovery.”

            Ianto nodded again.

            Further conversation was cut off by the ringing of Ianto’s phone. He pulled it out his pocket and answered it. “Hello.” After a moment, Ianto said, “Yes, sir. You don’t need to call Owen. He’s with me. We’ll be there shortly.”

            Owen sighed. He’d almost gotten his breakfast down. Which would be good if they had to spend the day compiling evidence and not so good if they had to go to a murder scene. Pulling a wad of cash from his pocket as they stood, Owen said, “Any idea what brings us in on a Saturday morning?”

            “The world may possibly be ending,” Ianto replied.

            “Usual then,” Owen groaned. He glanced up and saw Ianto’s hickey again. “And I’m guessing he wants us in there right away.”

            “Of course.” Ianto’s eyes went wide after the realization struck him. “Shit. What do I say about this?”

            “You could put your suit back on,” Owen suggested. They left the café after Owen motioned to Alice that the money was on the table.

            “I’m not sure there’s a point in hiding it,” Ianto said. “Jack just knows about these things.”

            “Then tell him to fuck off until we’ve saved the world again.”

            “Just might,” Ianto muttered.

            Someone getting their spine back? Owen cheered mentally, Good for you, mate!

Onto part 7...


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