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"Guess we're all a little fragile." (4/8)

Author: Time Phobia
Rating: PG/PG-13
Characters: (this section: Owen and Ianto)
Pairings:  (series: Jack/Ianto, mentioned: Tosh/Mary, Owen/Gwen)
Summary: Owen takes Ianto out.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or make a profit.


            There we go, Owen thought. Nice big smile. Little chatty. We’re ready to go.

            They’d stopped off in another bar and grabbed a few more drinks. Ianto had been giving off an air of anxiety and that wasn’t going to help them in the long run. So Owen had brought him into a bar on the way to his real destination and they’d tossed a couple more back. Now Ianto had started smiling a bit and didn’t seem so hard to approach.

            “Come on,” Owen said, leading the way out of the bar again. Ianto followed along. As they went down the street, Ianto started going on about the history of that area of Cardiff, and, while he usually would have been bored, Owen found the topic—which seemed to gravitate towards the history of sex scandals—a little bit interesting in his current state of mind.

            Here we are. The bouncer let them in and they slipped into the club.

            A gay club. The place was mostly filled with men, though there were a few women and a few seemingly-at-least-interested-in-men women. Ianto’s chattiness dropped away and he silently followed Owen up to the bar.

            “Owen,” Ianto slurred, trying to shout above the music and next to Owen’s ear, “is this a gay club?”

            Owen pretended not to hear and asked, “What?”

            Ianto started the question again, but Owen interrupted him by shouting, “I can’t hear you.” Glancing back at the bathrooms, he declared to Ianto, “I’ve gotta piss.” He started to move off.

            Ianto, as Owen had planned, stayed behind at the bar as Owen went to the bathroom. He hadn’t been lying, he had needed the bathroom, and could he have helped how well timed that was? Well, yeah I could have waited just a little longer.

            When he emerged from the bathroom, Owen saw that someone had already approached Ianto. They were talking, as well as possible with the noise of the music, though Ianto was starting to look uncomfortable, but not like he was going to immediately run away. He’s drunk and he’s still polite? Owen moved through the club back up to Ianto.

            “Ah! Finally!” the bloke talking to Ianto exclaimed when Owen joined them. “I was trying to invite your friend and you to join us, but he wouldn’t budge without you.”

            Owen glanced to where the man was gesturing. A fairly large group, almost all men, but they had one bird who was looking Owen over and wasn’t too bad looking herself. “Yeah,” Owen agreed. “Let us get drinks first.”

            The bloke smiled. “Great!” He went back to his group.

            Ianto hissed in Owen’s ear as Owen motioned to the bartender, “You did this on purpose!”

            Owen ordered the drinks and ignored Ianto’s little protest.

            “I’m going home,” Ianto started.

            Owen grabbed Ianto by the arm and told him, “It’s just talking, Ianto! In a group! You don’t have a problem talking to people, do you?” Ianto still looked like he was going to leave, so Owen quickly added, “I told them we’re joining. If you leave, it’ll be rude.”

            “Fuck,” Ianto growled. He pointed at the beers. “You’re paying.”

            “Yeah, yeah,” Owen said. At least until some nice man starts taking over for me. Owen paid for the beers while Ianto started on his way over to the group.

            Initially, Owen and Ianto had ended up sitting next to each other. Introductions had to be made and they’d come up with the lie together—they both worked for some small company which sold medical supplies, Owen as consultant and Ianto as a secretary. Owen couldn’t remember the name of it, Ianto had made it up.

            Over time, the group had rotated seats around and Owen had maneuvered into a spot next to the girl—Cindy—and Ianto was talking adamantly to a slightly-grey haired good-looking man. Watching them, Owen wished he’d gotten to know Ianto before this because Ianto seemed like, well, a very nice normal guy. Suppose he was before Canary Wharf. Must’ve really fucked him up. Only way to explain how depressed he always seems. Though I’d be depressed too. More so. Just looking at the ruins was depressing. Can’t imagine being there and watching everyone you work with die. Was hard enough seeing just Gwen only injured.

            Cindy leaned over and warned, “Your friend’s going to need saving. Michael can’t go ten minutes without talking about Bond when he’s drunk.”

            “I don’t think Ianto can either,” Owen said, as he remembered the conversation in the previous bar.

            “Good, they can keep it to each other,” Cindy said with a smile.

            They talked and Owen found out the important bits. The group of friends met fairly regularly, at least once or twice a month, Mike was single and so was Cindy and some other bloke of the group. Cindy was in fact straight and when she found out Owen was, she couldn’t help asking, “Are you the moral support?”

            Owen considered his options. “Couldn’t leave him hanging,” Owen lied. “He was nervous nobody’d try to pick him up.”

            Cindy laughed. “You’re a terrible liar. I watched you come in. He had no idea!”

            “Okay, he didn’t know where we were going,” Owen admitted. “But he really needed to come here.”

            “Seems to be enjoying himself,” Cindy said.

            Owen glanced over and saw that Mike had leaned into Ianto’s ear to say something which made Ianto laugh loudly. “Yeah,” Owen mused. Good for him.

            As the night progressed, the group grew smaller until it was just Owen, Ianto, Cindy, Michael, and another man when the bar made calls for last round. “Awww, it’s too early!” Cindy protested.

            “We could go back to mine,” Owen offered. He was feeling happy and generous and just the slightest warmth from all the alcohol.

            “All of us?” Michael asked. Ianto looked a little tense.

            “Yeah,” Owen replied. Ianto relaxed and Michael looked happy. “Just stocked up the other night. I’ve got plenty.”

            “Great!” Cindy proclaimed. “Let’s go.”

            The five of them left the bar. Once outside, Owen ventured to throw his arm around Cindy and enjoyed that she moved into his touch. Their fifth man glanced between the four of them and said, “I think I’ll head home.”

            “You sure?” Michael asked.

            “Yeah. See you later.” The fifth man started off in the opposite direction they needed to go.

            The walk was going to be a long one, and Owen wasn’t in the mood for it. So he called over a taxi and they climbed in. Owen and Cindy took the side in the back which faced the front while Ianto and Michael sat together on the other side. Owen shouted out the address and then they were on their way.

Onto part 5...

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