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'You Can't Be Here' (18/30?)

Title: You Can't Be Here
Author: Time Phobia
Rating: PG
Characters: (Jack, Ianto, the Tenth Doctor, OCs)
Pairings:  (series: Jack/Ianto)
Summary: Jack and Ianto have taken off on their own and finally arrive at Minevra.
Timing: Post-CoE, Post-Waters of Mars
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or make a profit. They are owned, for the most part, by RTD and BBC.
Warning: Mentions of cannon character death. Don't worry. Death is only a beginning.
Author's Note (for series): I've got a long detailed spoiler-rific post here

Left outside, Jack had started scans with the manipulator’s computer. Scanning for alien tech hadn’t gone great because almost all the alien appeared alien to the manipulator. Jack had never traveled to this time and space before. He hadn’t registered what would be normal in the computer.

                After the first search, Jack closed up the wrist-strap. People on the street were trying their best not to stare at him, but about ten minutes passed and now they didn’t hide their stares so much. Especially the soldiers. They had the wary look in their eye. Begging for something to lash out at.

                Come on, Ianto. How long does it take?

                Sighing, Jack opened the wrist-strap again and did yet another search for the TARDIS. Still nothing.

                People started filing out of the building next to him. At first, Jack didn’t pay close attention. Then he realized that a lot of people were emerging from the building and Ianto had been in there. Frowning, Jack slowly closed the wrist-strap.

                The soldiers were confused too and a few of them started to approach the first people.

                Please forgive me.”

                Jack whirled around, but didn’t see Ianto. He’d heard that thought though. Slowly, Jack took a step towards the building.

                The explosion knocked the front windows out. The blast of concussive air threw the crowds out front to the ground, including Jack.

                Thankfully, the ringing in Jack’s ears lasted for only a moment. Already people were screaming and crying, but Jack didn’t care. He didn’t bother searching the crowd outside either.

                That message could only mean one thing, he thought as he picked himself up off the ground. He knew it was going to blow and he’s still inside.

                Before he could even take three steps, the soldiers had descended on him. One of them had his rifle pointed at Jack’s chest. Annoyed, Jack knocked the rifle away and started for the building. The other six soldiers around him now had their weapons pointed. A man shouted at Jack, but Jack couldn’t understand a single word.

                However, from the man’s irate speech and the way he pointed at the ground, Jack could grasp the meaning. They think I blew it up. Jack sighed and shouted as he gestured with an open palm, “I’ve got to get in there!”

                They, of course, couldn’t understand him. And the hand gesture turned out to be a bad movement, Jack noted. The soldiers were on edge before, but they all tightened on their triggers. Only the shouting from the man in charge eased them. Then the man screamed at Jack again, pointing at the ground.

                “Damn it,” Jack hissed. Slowly, he laid face down on the ground. A soldier roughly tied his hands behind his back with something thick. Probably a belt. After his wrists were secured, Jack was yanked back up to his feet.

                The same man shouted in his face again, but Jack didn’t reply. As they dragged him away, Jack stared at the bombed building and screamed out with his thoughts for Ianto. But he didn’t get a response.


                Captain Amanda Redding couldn’t stop shaking. Captain was a loose title for her. She’d only received the rank because she was one of the few trained soldiers left. All her training hadn’t been able to prepare her for her current situation. The desk had built to survive anything, apparently. The blast from the explosion had sent the bathroom door to slam against the wall near them, and the damage to the walls and ceiling had caused the ceiling to collapse. The second floor had crashed around the room and on top of the desk.

                And while the young man who’d warned her had survived the initial blast, he hadn’t been able to fully get under the desk. The ceiling had collapsed on him and knocked him out. Amanda had done her best to move some of the wreckage off of him, but she’d quickly realized that they were trapped. She’d been able to get enough off of him to assess how hurt he was. Luckily, he was still breathing though he’d been knocked out. While internal bleeding could be a problem, he didn’t have any wounds she could attempt to treat.

                So now she was stuck under a desk with a total stranger. That part didn’t frighten her.

                The screams from the people who had been on the second floor when it fell scared her. Amanda pulled her radio out of her coat pocket and took a deep breath before communicating, “This is Redbird. Calling Birdhouse.”

                “Birdhouse here,” the hospital dispatcher answered.

                “Birdhouse, we’ve been hit hard. We have damaged wings.”

                “How many, Redbird?”

                “No idea,” Amanda admitted. “We weren’t a full house. People got out.”

                “Copy, Redbird. Blue Night is filling us in too. We’re sending people out. Are you hurt?”

                “No,” Amanda replied. “I’m fine. Shock, maybe. But I’m buried under the desk and I’ve got a man with me.” She had to search her mind for a moment to remember. “Ianto Jones. He had papers saying he works for the Minister.”

                Ianto?” the dispatcher repeated.

                “I know, weird name, right?” she joked. Laughter threatened to overtake her.

                “I’ve never heard of a Ianto working for the Minister,” the dispatcher said.

                “Look, I don’t care,” Amanda snapped. “Somehow he knew about the bomb. He warned me. That’s the only reason we aren’t all dead right now. Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to save anyone.”

                “Got it. VIP when he gets in. How is he?”

                “Knocked out. He’s got a pulse and he’s breathing. Nothing else I can see.”

                “People should be arriving on scene now, Redbird,” the dispatcher told her.

                “Redbird, this is Blue Night. We’ve got the assistance now. Radio silence.”

                Amanda sighed. Her nerves were calming back down, but she didn’t want to be trapped alone with the screams and an unconscious man. Still, an order was an order. “Understood, Blue Night. Redbird out.”

                Gently, she reached out and took the man’s hand. As she held onto him, she felt her mind’s focus shift. At first, she replayed the last few moments before the bomb’s explosion. She blinked, and her mind tried to convince her eyes that she was back in her parents’ home. She’d just arrived home from class and she had gone into the kitchen to talk to her mother. They’d been talking about the cute boys in her new class when her younger brother ran into the kitchen and turned on the television. She’d been angry at the interruption and then shocked by the news. Her country had gone to war. Everything had changed in a heartbeat.

                With a gasp, Amanda pulled back her hand and her vision returned to normal. She scrutinized Ianto and noticed that he looked like he was in pain now. Tentatively, she touched his arm. “It’s going to be okay,” she whispered. “They’re on their way.”

                Her vision began to swirl again, but she could see that his pained expression had eased. Then her mind’s eye took over.

                She was standing in her kitchen. She’d just gotten the mugs down when she felt his arms close around her waist from behind. Her boyfriend kissed her neck lightly and then rocked into her just enough. The smell of him so close was stronger than the scent of coffee.

                “Morning,” he murmured in her ear.

                She let go of a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. They’d never spent the night at hers before, and this wasn’t turning out like she’d expected. She’d thought he’d wake up and go about business as usual and leave. Now here he was cradling her like a proper boyfriend ought to. Boyfriend. Since when had she started hoping to call him that?

                Tilting her head a little at the thought, she grabbed the coffee pot.

                “What’s on your mind?”

                “Nothing,” she murmured.

                “Come on, Ianto. I know when you’re thinking.”

                That’s not my name, she thought. Quickly, she realized, This isn’t my memory. But the spell was already broken by her first thought. Her physical senses took over and she saw the bombed room. “What was that?” she whispered. She licked her dry lips and said a little louder, “That was yours, wasn’t it? Who was the other man?”


                Amanda stared at Ianto. She was sure she’d heard his voice, but he hadn’t moved his lips. Then again, she was seeing into his mind, so maybe she shouldn’t be so surprise that he could speak telepathically. Her eyes widened at the thought. “You’re a psychic!”

                A bit.”

                “You sound tired,” Amanda murmured. She glanced around, but from her position, there wasn’t anything she could do to make him more comfortable.

                My mind’s awake, but my body isn’t. It’s more than a little tiring.

                “How does that work?”

                As it turns out, not very well.

                “No, I mean, how’d your mind wake up without you coming around?” Amanda asked.

                I don’t know. I just did.

                “Is there anything I can do?”


                Amanda nodded. “Okay.”

                Sliding between our memories seemed to help. Do you mind?

                “Am I going to keep seeing yours too?”

                A bit. Feedback loop.”

                “Only fair, I guess,” Amanda whispered. She took a deep breath. “Just shy away from anything too personal.”

                I’ll do my best. I need you to concentrate on them, though. Make them vivid.”

                Nodding again, Amanda let go of her deep breath and closed her eyes. “All right, go for it.”


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