timephobia (timephobia) wrote,

June 12

Once again, a post of promises.

I'm closing in on the finale of 'You Can't Be Here.' What I wanted to happen clashed with what I needed to happen and rolled into a ball of it-all-wasn't-working-very-well. Now I've made a few changes and that'll work out a lot better.

The delays in posting/writing  have been caused by my sudden new employment, so I don't have as much free time as I once did. Also, my laptop decided to freaking die on me, so tech issues delayed me yet again. I've got things up and running now. Should manage, should.

Part of what's helped me conclude 'You Can't Be Here' is that I'm already working up a sequel. It's a shorter piece and some fun--much more physical and violent than the first. Angrier, I think. If anyone's got an idea for what to call this story arch--i.e. 'You Can't Be Here' and its sequels (spoiler: Ianto goes time-traveling with various others), I'll gladly listen to ideas.

Anyways, gotta bolt. Work.

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